Nationwide lists available for

  • Vacant
  • Absentee
  • Owner Occupied
  • Unemployed
  • Low income
  • Pre Foreclosure
  • Quit Claim deed
  • Inherited Deed
  • Unknown Sales data 
  • 65 years and older owners
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Recently Moved
  • Bad Credit
  • Cash Buyers

 Varies by County and state

  • Tax Default
  • Code Violations

(new states and counties updated monthly .. inquire about availability) 

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P.S. I will give you a USPS vacant breakdown for free on any list  and tell you which properties are vacant on that list for ex. Tax Default + Vacant

P.P.S I Can also verify USPS Deliverability to avoid return mail  which is 90 -100 percent accurate!